iAds API impressions

I’ve been going through Apple’s WWDC10 videos on the new iAds framework, specifically how to create iPhone ads as an advertiser.

In usual Apple fashion, they have created their own framework to simplify the creation of rich ads, called iAds.js. So far it looks pretty nice. An interesting thing to note about iAds is that basically any ad can be a ‘rich media ad’. There doesn’t seem to be any distinction between banners and rich media. The user is always presented with a banner that they can click on to enter a more interactive experience.

The iAds framework also offers the following advantages:

Support for device features

  • Maps
  • Purchases (books, movies, music, apps)
  • Location
  • gestures – multitouch, swipe, etc
  • Video playback, using native video players

MVC Framework

Gives a framework for building rich applications in javascript, style is similar to UIKit. iPhone developers should be right at home with the style of the framework. It provides a MVC style framework with views and controllers, event handling, and API’s for calling device specific features. It also makes some additions to add ‘language’ features such as inheritance, getters and setters for properties, and property change notifications.

Best Practices

Apple is really pushing using CSS for styling and transitions which is the best practice, since these are hardware accelerated on the iPhone. The framework also encourages building your views as seperate HTML files so that the ad can be downloaded in pieces (which provides a quicker ‘first view’, and allows more modular building of these web apps).

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