The Man Behind The Wawa Tunes

Philadelphia Weekly has a great write up on song writer Parry Gripp, who we hooked up with Wawa back in 2008 to do songs for Hoagiefest. We felt Parry was a great fit since he loves to write hilarious songs about food products and great deals. Originally the songs were meant to be background music on the website and something fun users could download. Wawa ended up liking the songs so much that they decided to use them on the radio They also asked Parry to do a bunch more the next year for Hoagiefest 2k9. Now you can hardly turn on the TV without hearing a Parry authored tune.

Sound on the web is often something that gets ignored or added as an afterthought. These songs are a great example of how well-done music can be more than just background music. They actually became a key part of the campaign. Parry created songs that embodied the 60′s feel for the campaign. They were funny, well produced and darn catchy too. Truly something that you wouldn’t mind sticking on your MP3 player. And kid friendly:

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