Archer Day at Rowan University

The Archer Team recently visited Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey to speak with majors in the Computer Science department. The program, headlined by Dennis Egen, Steve High, and Dave Wallin, addressed numerous hot topics including: iPhone application approach, development, marketing, and computer security theory. Our goal was to build a bridge from their textbook instruction to the application of that information in an actual business environment.

We worked hard to provide a ‘day in our lives’ snapshot. At Archer, Technologists are front and center in business discussions both internally and with clients. The unique needs of our clients present challenges that are vital for success but that are difficult to learn in a classroom setting.

The turnout was great, with many attendees standing for the duration of the session. Excellent questions were aired and we’re excited to see what internships may come as a result!

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