Will Tweet For Food

I think we can all agree that Social Media has quickly changed the way we go about our daily lives. Whether it’s reading the news, keeping in touch, or preparing tonight’s dinner- we turn to our computers and phones to make it easier. Social Media has significantly changed and enhanced the way we cook, dine, and eat. Outlets such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter provide ways to get coupons, recipes, and restaurant reviews right at our fingertips.

Between running kids back and forth to practices, school, and play dates, Moms don’t usually have much time to sit down and look through a circular or cookbook. Why not have these things readily available on your phone or computer? Research has found that 42% of Twitter users have kids between the ages of 0-17 (Quantcast.)  Most stay-at-home Moms are doing the shopping and cooking for the family every day. TwitterMoms is a site with over 20,000 members socializing, sharing advice, blogging, asking questions and telling stories. A good number of them are sharing information on food allergies, recipes, cooking styles and coupons.

The “Green” Phenomenon has brought to life the health-conscious consumer. These are the people flocking to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and the local farmer’s market to pick up organic and natural foods. According to Mediamark Research & Intelligence’s Survey of the American Consumer, Green Advocates are 41% more likely to completely agree that technology helps make their life more organized and 36% more likely to be fascinated by new technologies. It’s no surprise that Whole Foods Twitter is consistently in the top 50 Twitter accounts with over half a million followers.

The rapidly growing mobile application FourSquare, has gotten a lot of attention lately, especially among local bars and cafes. FourSquare has a  simple concept of “checking-in” via your cell phone at your current location. It’s a way to meet people, socialize and learn about new places. Your friends can see your location and drop in to say hello. It has also become competitive by rewarding the most frequent visitor with the title of Mayor. When you lose your mayor status it encourages you to visit it more frequently- which in turn means more business.  Some bars and restaurants are even offering deals for those using it: Show us your check-in, get a free latte.  FourSquare is following the footsteps of Twitter but with less chatter and more action.

Food and social media have a profound relationship. Whether you’re blogging about the dinner you just made, finding coupons through Twitter, or headed to your local watering hole to get back your coveted Mayor status- social media is constantly changing the way we are sharing and gathering information about what you’re eating and how you’re eating it. So if you’re sitting at your kid’s soccer practice worrying about tonight’s dinner… get on your phone, log on to your favorite recipe blog, find a coupon via Twitter and show the check-out girl your FourSquare check-in to get that organic beef for half off!

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