Riding Google’s Wonder wheel

Greetings from Margaritaville!

Picture a friend took of us surfing with Jimmy

I have come to believe that whenever you spend time with Jimmy Buffett, you are in Margaritaville. Jimmy and I met many years ago while surfing in Maui. After a long evening at a beach party, complete with us doing a guitar duet by the fire after a few too many drinks, Jimmy invited to surf with him the next day. His plane has special spots to store longboards, and he proceeded to take us to a special spot that had great waves! Ever since then we have stayed in touch, even riding a few waves when we are in the same part of the world.

We connected a few weeks ago when talks were falling apart for a Margaritaville casino in Atlantic City. I had helped provide some outsider advice throughout the process, and we were both pretty excited about the possibilities. He sent me a note telling me that it wasn’t going to happen, at least not for a while, due to the real estate a credit markets.

I immediately went to Google to see what I could find. While I was searching, I happened upon this search option called ‘Wonder wheel’ under search options. In a word, this was cool!

Google’s Wonder Wheel tries to associate topics in a visual way, allowing you explore by topics, rather than raw results. It was a fun way to explore. And in typical Google fashion, it was clean, simple and just worked.

buffett's wonder wheel

I tried LOMA, the Lower Market Design District that our company’s studios are located in. I was excited to see that even Google noted how much work Archer had been putting into it by associating us with it.
Next time you are exploring, try Google’s Wonder Wheel!

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