Miracle Whip aims to spread itself all over your site

If you have ever been to Vegas, you know how easily night slides into day and then night again, especially if you have a hot hand rolling at the craps table. I was invited out with uber-twitterers and dear friends Demi and Ashton for their movie premiere party being held at the Palms, and almost didn’t make it to the Palm’s Ghostbar in time.

Ashton understood after I told him about the run I was having, but his texts up that moment we getting a bit frantic. I asked him to take a picture with Demi and I, Ashton purposely cut me out of this shot with Demi to get me back. (something I didn’t notice until I got back to my suite and reviewed the pics)

After the party, a few of us were hanging out at the Ghostbar, and Ashton snagged someone’s laptop to do some surfing and show me some pics from his latest project. As he surfed, we continued to come across these little blue tags with the word ‘Zing!’ Ashton clicked on one and we started to laugh. The blue ‘zing’ expanded to reveal a spiffy comment about the page.

We quickly learned that the laptop owner had installed Miracle Whip’s Zing application. This application allows you to leave comments or ‘Zingr’s while you surf, for all other Zingr users to see. The application connects with Facebook so you can see what Zingrs your friends have left as well.

Kraft appears to be getting the message that a social networking strategy isn’t to merely have a facebook page. They wanted to reach their target audience of 18-34 year olds and keep Miracle Whip front and center.

Ashton got up, leaving Demi and I to immediately go to his fan page and leave all sorts of inside jokes for him to find. Sorry bud, next time keep me in the frame!

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