For Skittles: The Network is the Website

Skittles on Twitter

Sun famously proclaimed that ‘The Network is the computer’ in the nineties. Now Skittles can proclaim that ‘The Network is the website’. The addictive candy refreshed their website by essentially throwing it away and turing it over to the web. Not picking favorites in the Social Networking world, Skittles embraced them all. Now when you visit, visiting their ‘chatter’ link takes you to the Skittles twitter profile page. Clicking Friends jumps you to the Skittles Facebook page, complete with nifty Skittles apps that you can add to your own page. Even the product pages, where I expected standard, marketing department content, takes you to a Wikipedia entry for their candies.

In one respect, Skittles made life easier for themselves. No longer do they have to decide between enhancing their website or enhancing their social networking effort. The two are now combined.

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