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As many of you know, I have a real fondness for Havana. I’m happy to hear that it may be getting easier to travel there for Americans, but for know, I need to hop around a bit before landing in Havana. A bit of work for sure, but worth it once I check in at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba and grab a Mojito.


Instead of reading the paper while relaxing, I find myself reading Twitter feeds from my friends. It’s a great way to keep in touch and share ideas with peers. I knew Twitter hit mainstream when my longtime friend, Kevin ‘Space’ Spacey, started sending Tweets. Kevin and I met many years ago, long before either of our careers took off, when we both wanted to be stand up comedians. Back then, we would ride together from NYC to open mike contest in Jersey bowling alleys. While we didn’t do so well at the contests, we did build a great friendship that continues to this day.

‘Space’ always comes to mind while in Cuba. A few years back, we came down together to tour and get away. Kevin is a great Twitter user, sharing brief updates about his happenings giving the public access to him in a way that he, and not the media, can control.

While I’m sipping my seemingly bottomless Mojito, I get a Direct Message tweet from Kevin to check out’s use of Twitter. I reply back with a picture of my Mojito and my location, to which he replies something unmentionable. was holding a scavenger hunt type contest called Tweet n Seek, which involved Twitter, their site and Facebook. Clues were provided on’s twitter feed, which led participants to pages on the website. These pages would have other clues, which took people elsewhere, sometimes to other sites.

Once a participant gathered all the clues, s/he was to post the answers to the Facebook page. The first with the correct answer won a prize pack. This promotion was great on all levels. First, it resulted in users building a lasting connection with as they added’s twitter feed to the ones they follow. Sure people could unfollow if subsequent content didn’t pass muster, but this promotion added thousands of followers for future communications.


Second, the campaign was able to expand the view people had of the online store. was able to direct people to different parts of the site, exposing them to new product offerings, and ultimately to the site’s Facebook page. People basically went on a guided tour of

Lastly, the campaign has a style that matches the medium. The twitter posts are a bit campy, the facebook page allows comments, etc. Its great to see that’s Marketing department had the faith to open their brand up to the consumers.

My assistant gave me a satchel full of books to read while I’m here. I just hope there are enough Mojitos to get me through it!

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