Coca-Cola enters the Twitter Product Placement game


Prior to the 140 Character tweet, SEO experts advised getting as many keywords into the URL of a web page as possible. Blogging platforms automatically created ‘SEO friendly URLs’ by using the title of the post for the web page address, instead of some cryptic number string referring to the post’s database entry.

Anyone who has clicked on a link in an email, only to find it going nowhere because the long link spanned two lines in the email, knows one problem with these long web addresses. Operation’s like TinyURL and sprang up to make sending URLs easier by shortening them. These URL shorteners have become integral to Tweeting web addresses.

As reported in Mashable, uber-marketer Coca Cola is using these shortened URLs as a branding opportunity. Coca-Cola created their own shortened URL, Now as they seed their Facebook fan page and other sites with links, the shortened links will carry the Coke moniker.

I really like how Coca-Cola took the time to understand social networking and find a creative way to keep the brand front and center.

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