Social Media and Life Science Organizations

Many thanks to the Science Center of Philadelphia for hosting a panel on Life Sciences and Marketing. The Archer Group presented on interactive marketing and focussed the discussion around social media and the impact on life science organizations.

here is quite a bit of information on Life Sciences and their roles (or lack there of) in social media. The FDA has a lot to do with regulating and generally, Life Science organizations are very nervous to jump in. Below are links to some articles we referenced for the presentation to Philadelphia Science Center members and Wharton students. Special thanks to our social media guru intern Kristen for combing the mounds of content to find them.

  1. This article details why companies should (at the very least) be actively listening to social media – even if they aren’t participating.
  2. This is a list of companies and who is/isn’t using social media and how.
  3. “My Grandma Out-Tweets Your Biotech”  Love the title – It explains why the FDA is hesitant on companies using social media
  4. This is a very detailed plan on implementing social media in Life Sciences companies. Part 1 of 2.
  5. Part 2 of 2
  6. This article explains how companies are getting used to the idea of social media and are starting to explore.
  7. This is a website dedicated to it- it’s somewhat vague though.
  8. This post about how necessary it is for Life Science Groups to use social media. At the end of the article is a podcast of an interview with the FDA and their opinions.
  9. This article contains a diagram on what industries within Life Sciences should be using social media and why…

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