bleep!BOX getting good online buzz

Here at the Archer Group we love to hire creative people with diverse interests. One thing I’m passionate about is writing musical instrument software. My latest project is an iPhone app for making electronic beats on-the-go. It’s called bleep!BOX and it was released a little under two weeks ago and is quickly approaching 200 sales. bleep!BOX has made the news on sites such as, HarmonyCentral and Remix Magazine.

sequence page

bleep!BOX on youtube

Here’s what people are saying about bleep!BOX from around the ‘net:

Kurt: This app is amazing. Great, intuitive UI, Super tweak-able sounds, and a performance mode that lets you do some amazing looping/stutter effects. I’ve only had it for one day but I can see that this app is deep. I will be able to go back to it over and over and get a different sounding result every time.

DJ_BrettG : @PalmSounds have you tried bleep!box out yet? pretty cool sounds in it!

ronji: Whoa, almost went over on my lunch break playig with bleep!BOX. so fun.

shawnroos: bleep!BOX: The best iPhone Music Making App Since Intua Beatmaker is Live.

jzellis: If you’re a music nerd, check out bleep!BOX for iPhone. Coolest 808/909 type sequencer I’ve seen in a long time.

greenzxr: bleep!BOX is turning in2 another excellent tool 4 mobile music composition 2 add 2 my collection along w/ Beatmaker, Hexatone, etc

neilkod: This bleep!BOX is app really, really good -I just blew 20 minutes just tweaking the darn snares! well done @bleepboxapp

EricDrain: got the bleep!BOX App last night. Kept me up past my bed time. This is serious!

Metaphormidable: bleep!BOX is one of my very favorite music apps and I have a LOT of them

Onezero: Thanks for developing bleep!BOX–I’m finding that it really opens up composition on the go, and I like how you’ve made the most use of the iPhone screen space. Great stuff, and I’ve given you a 5-star review on the app store.


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