The Case for Drupal

Here at Archer, we pride ourselves on the strength of our teams. Not only do we have strong designers, but solid technology, strategy, production, and leadership teams. Having these skills under one roof gives us many advantages over other interactive marketing firms. One such advantage is within the realm of content management systems. We are able to provide the best content management solutions for our clients without concern for technology restrictions. You won’t find a square peg in a round hole here. Our solutions are carefully thought out on a project-by-project basis. One of the newest additions to our content management arsenal is Drupal. The official website states that Drupal is a content management platform. As a platform versus a content management system, Drupal can provide a significant level of flexibility right out of the box. We found 3 benefits to be particularly useful:

Platform vs CMS.

Viewing Drupal as a platform versus a CMS opens your eyes to the level of customization within the system. Drupal can work as the backend of your popular news site, the company intranet, data visualization, media management, and even government sites. All of these examples are very different, but they are all running Drupal.


What do I mean when I say multi-everything? Specifically, I am referring to managing multiple sites, multiple themes, multiple languages, and multiple servers. The best example that includes all of these features would have to be Sony Music. Sony Music is a music label with offices in the United States, Asia, and China. Sony wanted an easier way to manage their artists’ websites, add social interaction to existing sites, have multiple languages available per site, and have it all accessible in a multi-site architecture. As of December 2008, Sony had successfully launched 82 websites using Drupal with a turnaround time of 3-14 days per site. This was all done on 1 installation of Drupal.

Template Overrides

Drupal has received criticism because some find it difficult to theme. In the past this was well deserved, as the themer would need to know at least some basic php to integrate a design in Drupal. With the release of Drupal 6, we are finally able to easily separate logic from main template files. This allows for CSS/XHTML ninjas to put a Drupal site together without worrying about breaking any logic that powers the actual site.

With that said, we welcome Drupal to the Archer content management system family. Drupal is another tool under our belts that will separate us from the herd and increase our service offering. Though the development learning curve can be steep, Drupal has already proven to be well worth the effort.

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