Meet Lucas

Lucas joined the Archer team early in 2007. After a very successful stint in our tech department he went on to join the Microsoft development team in Seattle, Wa. If feels great to know we were able to have a hand in his career development as well as his ketchup obsession.

The team sends Lucas to Microsoft in style.

I asked him to write up his experience interning at The Archer Group:

“Working at Archer was an awesome experience. Although the company is rather small don’t let that deceive you. Archer taught me a lot about the full program development cycle. The most rewarding part about working for Archer was the ability to put my hands into every stage of product development. I was able to get involved in the original talks with the customer as well as the design portion and of course the actual development/testing/bug fix stage. I still to this day use the knowledge gained there (whether it be CSS, wire-frame creation, or general programming principals) even though I now work at a much bigger software company.

Archer-Group managed to strike the perfect balance between fun and hard work. There would be days when I literally did not know how I would ever get my tasks done but we always managed to get a foosball game in or find time to design a camera/flash controlled rocket launcher. Working at a small company like Archer is an awesome experience, nowhere else will you be able to walk into the owner’s office and bug him about something random. I have definitely learned a lot, the knowledge I gained there has without a doubt helped me get my current job at Microsoft as well as become very successful at it.”

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