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Students looking to break into the interactive field will normally experience some level of frustration during their academic career. Interactive media has not been around for very long, so traditional learning institutions are doing all they can to provide a relevant curriculum. With technology continuously advancing and old methods constantly improving, it is near impossible for a student to gain all they need to know without taking part in an internship program.

Tired of learning 5-year-old web development techniques and knowing more than some of my professors, I started looking for places to apply for an internship.Living in Delaware, naturally I thought the closest real interactive agencies would be in Philadelphia or New York. I even threw around the idea of going to California after school to work for a startup. All of my assumptions changed when I stumbled across The Archer Group.

Here was an interactive marketing agency right in the heart of Wilmington that produced work worth talking about, and had clients worth bragging about. Just as impressive as their portfolio and client list, the people at Archer were very friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced. As a marketing major with a background in web development, this was the first time I was surrounded by a group of people that were so knowledgeable about interactive media. The atmosphere was cool and relaxed, the work was award winning, and the people were incredibly smart and personable. It was the perfect combination.

For any students looking for an internship that rocks, Archer is the place to be. I worked on real projects from day one, and was never asked to get coffee or work in the mailroom. I can’t believe some of the intern horror stories I’ve heard from some of my peers. It almost feels wrong that I don’t have anything negative to say about my internship experience. Brush up on your foose, come ready to learn, and ready to console all of your frustrated friends that hate their internships.

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