The perfect concierge – Open Table on your iPhone


One of the greatest pleasures of traveling is being able to try different restaurants. Eager to explore the city prior to Art Basel, I arrived in Miami on Thanksgiving day. Anyone who has been to my condo in Miami knows that it is overflowing with art that I have purchased from prior shows. Art Basel is a great place to see 100s of artists and their work. It is in Miami every year and something I very much enjoy.

A few years ago, I was introduced to musician Kanye West here at a prior Art Basel. It turns out that we both feel in love with art from the Campana brothers and had asked them to join us for dinner that night. Not wanting to offend either one of us, they asked if we would dine together. We had a blast and all kept in touch ever since.

This year, Kanye and I were planning on meeting up prior to the show, but weather delays kept him grounded in LA. I was planning a quiet night at the bar, when, famous artist Ai Weiwei, arrived. In reading up on the exhibitions, I was excited to see that Ai had work here and was eager to see it. When he walked in alone, I simply had to introduce myself.

We hit it off and decided to head out for dinner, but neither had any idea what was open or available. I had recently downloaded OpenTable’s new iPhone application, so I pulled out my iPhone and launched OpenTable.

The application picked up where I was using GPS and proceeded to tell me which restaurants around us had tables available. We agreed upon the Oceanaire Seafood Room and hailed a cab. The evening was great!

OpenTable and Apple made it incredibly easy to use their tools. For anyone with an iPhone, I highly recommend it. If you don’t have an iphone yet, this may be the reason to get one!

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