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Greetings from Denver! Many of you know that our headquarters are located in the beautiful city of Wilmington, Delaware. While I travel quite a bit, I love coming to Wilmington to see the team and enjoy the sights. I returned this time to hear about the company’s recognition by Inc Magazine. The Archer Group was ranked #596 of Inc magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies. We raised a glass to the honor and quickly got back to work.


Our offices are a short walk from the train station, which I frequently use to reach NYC or DC. On one of those trips many years ago, I struck up a conversation with Delaware’s Senator Biden, who takes the train daily to DC from his Wilmington home.

This was a trip home, and I had picked up a bottle of wine for the trip. After a few pleasantries, I offered Joe some wine to continue the conversation. While we didn’t agree on every topic, I very much enjoyed the banter. On some positions I even took the other side simply to continue the spirited conversation. We stayed in touch over the years and became great friends, going to Delaware football games together or sharing a tailgate spot at the Point to Point races.

I happened to be at his home when he received the official call to be Vice President. You could see the smile on his face as he accepted. When he hung up the phone, he turned to me and said ‘Bob, time to open another bottle of wine, we are going to Denver’

I am sure happy to see one of Delaware’s own receive such an important nod. I’ll be in the background here in Denver, but smiling all the way!

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