Archer Paintball a Success!

Greetings from Lancaster, Penn! I was in town following my Phighting Phils as a guest of longtime friend, Michael Jack Schmidt. I actually knew Mike while he was an architecture student and I was an adjunct professor at Ohio U. We reconnected recently when he asked for my help in selecting a wine for a charity wine that he was labeling. The wine, 548 Red Zin, is great with Steak and proceeds benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 548 is the number of home runs he hit as a Phil.

So I was delighted for the home weekend series in Philly falling on the weekend that the team went out for paintball. Mike Schmidt wouldn’t join me, but it was quite a blast. My knees prevented me from joining in, but I took a bunch of pictures of everyone having a good time!

Go Phils – Go Archer!

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